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            RQG Ships Crew Management Review & Training Consultancy is managed and owned by DE GUZMAN BROTHERS namely Engr. Rodolfo and Engr. Rolando, It was established for the purpose of molding and building responsible cadet, giving worth experiences and innovative technical support that is very essential in their chosen endeavor. It was published since 1986 and known as Manila Seaferer Maritime Review and Marine Services before. But then by the year 2007, De Guzman brother change the profile company.

Quick Company Profile
            Examining the trends and other factors that have contributed to the rise of the service sector helps us to understand and formed RQG Ship Crew Management & Training Consultancy, a corporation conceived by a group of professionals with operating service business is not the same as operating other types of business. The entrepreneurial challenges and business emphasis differ, but with a set determined

goals to achieve.  RQG Ships Crew Management & Training Consultancy will  succeed to become a superior services company in providing services to industrial firms.

                                                     Our Goals
Service and Value:              
            To provide overall superior service and good value for money in every market segment in which we compete.
Financially Strong: 
            To deliver a strong and consistent financial performance.
Customer Driven:              
           To excel in anticipating and quickly responding to customer needs.
Good Employer:
           To sustain a working environment that attracts, restrains, and develops commited employees who share in the success of the company.
Operations and Management           
                > Deliver friendly and professional service consistently through well trained and motivated employees.

               > Search continuously for improvements through innovation and the use of technology.

               > Employ planning and decision making processes that provide clear direction and sense of purpose.

               > Foster a leadership style throughout the organization, which encourages respect for individuals, teamwork and close identification        .                with  customers.
               > Strive constantly to achieve standards of quality at competitive cost levels.

                                                    Services Offered
Manpower for F&B Operation
            We cover Waiters, Waitresses, Receptionist, Bartenders, Kitchen Staffs
such as Cook, Helper, Steward, Captain and Head waiters, all whom are well trained with a service of Five Star qualities. Housekeeping Operation
            We cover Supervisors, Room Attendants, Room Service Staffs, Female Attendants, Houseman, designated to perform duties assigned to them with resultof the highest standard.
Office Operational
            We cover Front Office Personnel, Bellhops, Door &Gust Elevator Attendats, general office workers such as Secretaries, Administrative Assistant, Supervisors, Managers, Accounting Clerks, Bookkeepers and Messengers, knowledge and personal capabilities of these personnel are enough to provide successful operation.
            RQG Ships Crew Management Review and Training Consultancy is located at Room 309 Dante Ang & Associates Bldg A. Soriano Jr St. in the middle of historical place of Intramuros, beside Fort Bonifacio.  

                                                                       MANAGEMENT TEAM

 ENGR. RODOLFO Q. DE GUZMAN         - President

 ENGR. ROLANDO Q. DE GUZMAN        -VP Operations 

 MISS  EVELYN S. SEMILLA                     - Liaison Officer

 MISS JAM LAGUERTA                          - Information Technology Officer   

 MISS LEA G. AREVALO                         - Receptionist/Secretary    

MISS MARY ASTHER A. SEMILLA            - Assistant Secretary                                                                                                                                                                                                                     
MR. ALFREDO CABINS                          - Review Adviser

MISS VENUS N. CORALDE                     - Marketing Director

MR.NESTOR V. VIZCONDE                     - Marketing Officer



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